Outdoor Sports Canopies

Our all-weather sports canopies are designed to cover very large areas such as netball courts, learning and eating areas.

Using hot dipped galvanised steel framing and high tensile membrane, these units are the perfect outdoor resource for any school, sports or learning centre, enabling students to enjoy play, learning and lunch all outdoors while being protected from the sun and rain. Our canopies are even large enough to hold school assemblies and classes - maximising the use of space while encouraging outdoor learning and engagement.

Outdoor Sports Canopies features:

  • Hot dipped galvanised steel frame with high tensile membrane
  • Great outdoor protection all year round
  • Little to no maintenance required
  • Large enough to hold outdoor assemblies or physical education classes
  • Can cover netball courts/eating areas/learning spaces
  • Round support columns (not square) for safety in a school environment

Designing the layout and configuration of the structure is a very important component in achieving the desired style and functionality required. Early collaboration between the designer and engineer is critical to achieve the efficiencies and the optimal design required to make the project happen. With Nova Shades on your team, you get years of experience in designing the right structure with clear communication every step of the way. Concept drawings and producers statements from a certified engineer are all included.

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